Health benefits of pets

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Pets are not just entertaining companions. Owning one involves several activities and natural processes that affect the physical, mental and social health in their human owners. Here are just a few of the known health benefits:
1 – Lowers Blood Pressure
Multiple studies indicate that petting an animal can lower blood pressure. This reaction can have significant implications for people with high blood pressure. Having a pet, along with proper medication, can provide adequate blood pressure lowering effects to protect them from heart disease and stroke. They are natural conversation starters and may be a shared interest between animal lovers. This effortless ability to make new friends can help both your mental and physical health. It can even improve your romantic life by assisting you to meet people with similar interests.
Having an animal around can be particularly important for elderly people. These darlings offer companionship and an exterior focal point for older individuals. Caring for pets keep seniors physically active and socially engaged. Elders who have one are generally happier and healthier than their non-pet-owning peers.
Touching, talking to and playing with a pet releases endorphins and endorphins, brain chemicals that are known to improve mood. People who have been diagnosed with depression benefit from these types of biochemical reactions which happen when they are in the home. Domestic animals demand attention and divert people from negative thoughts. Caring for them create structure in the day, which keeps people moving and dispels bad moods. All these factors make pet ownership a fantastic idea for those struggling with depression.
5 – Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy
Studies show that heart attack patients who have a pet enjoy a higher survival rate after their illness. Pets help people to live longer, due to the calming chemicals playing domestic animals produces in the body. Dogs, that have to be walked on a regular basis, induce more exercise in their owners and are particularly good for heart health.
6 – Helps Children Resist Allergies
Although many parents avoid having animals because their children are allergic, the reverse may be true. Recent research indicates that children who are raised in households with furry babies or on farms are less likely to have allergies than children born to non-pet environments. This resistance to allergies appears to develop simply from being in exactly the same environment with animals, by building a stronger immune system.
7 -Relieves Stress
Having a pet also gives people unconditional love and acceptance of their unique quirks. They are always prepared to listen without judgment, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Just caring for an animal helps people to forget about their own problems and divert their attention. This unique ability to calm people and relieve anxiety is one of the most important health benefits of owning a pet.

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